About IASH

Assalamu Alaikum.  AHLAN WA SAHLAN means WELCOME

Keeping the thought of “Learning for everyone”, we are the unique and only one of its kind of Institute for Arabic Studies. This effort came into existence in the year 2004.

With the advancement of communication technologies and globalization of the information, the Muslim youth of today developed a desire to learn and due to which they have reached respectable and high positions in the society. Though our Muslim brothers and sisters are willing to learn Quran Majeed, Tajweed, Arabic and Urdu but due to the lack of such institutes or place wherein they could start, this desire was going in vain. But with the coming up of our institute, we understood the current need and requirements and hence became successful in achieving its objective of winning lost goals of Muslim youth.

In the past years of running this institute, we have experienced that the Muslim youth of today are very keen on learning about Islam deeply. Almost 80% of students in our institute are young. Elderly men and women are also very interested in learning and come to us to learn things which they could not do earlier in life due to some or the other reason. They all are very happy and satisfied coming to us for getting their dream of learning fulfilled. This had also helped them in attaining peace of mind and soul. We welcome all such aspirants.

One of the objectives of our institute is to call upon those youth who are working professionals and those parents, elders, all male & female, who because of circumstances could not learn Quran Majeed, Tajweed, Urdu, Arabic and Azkar-e-Namaz or they were forced to left it in the middle while learning. We aim to help them start up again the learning sequence and complete it till end.

We target youngsters because they are the people who are responsible and going to lead in future for spreading the knowledge of Namaz, Rozah, Hajj, Zakaat and Masail. For them to become acquaint with Deeni Taleem is extremely necessary and personal responsibility and an important Farz.