Azkar e Namaz

To Achieve in Namaz the proximity to the celestial joy, get brimming with taste and to achieve the expected rigour and concentration, it is mandatory that we must understand the Azkar-e-Namaz.

“Read Namaz with understanding”, this is also among the teachings of our Prophet (SAW) of Allah. Because, that Muhammad (SAW) said that “The way you see me offering prayer, you should also offer the prayer in the same manner” and also it is evident from “Hadees” that the prayers of our Prophet of Allah was full of concentration and devotion. This course is basically to follow, what has been said by the Prophet of Allah. These “Azkaar” has been read thousands times in the language of Risalat, so it is but obvious and we can feel that how important it is and what level of benefits we can achieve out of it. And believe me if we focus on it and concentrate giving a serious thought to it then the feeling of being in communication with Allah will be doubled and be real.

Two Month Course:

In this course first the Arabic Grammar is taught that is pertaining to Azkar-e-Namaz. In the subsequent month, starting from Takbeer Tahrima (Allahu Akbar) till Salam is taught with in-depth meaning. Also, from surah Feel to Suran Naas is taught with brief backgrounds of each surah.

One Month Course

This is a course in which we make you to remember all the Azkar-e-Namaz and also teach how to correctly pronounce it. This is also valuable and important course to correct our Namaz.
For the people who wish to learn Azkar-e-Namaz, we have prepared a book with following versions:

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Translitration (In English)

These books are available in our institute and softcopy can be downloaded from our download section.

In future we intend to publish this book in other regional languages.



Tajweed means reciting Quran correctly. Read Zabar, Zair and Pesh correctly and through which read the words appropriately. For example:

خ & ق & ك

ت & ط

ث / س / ص

ذ / ز / ظ / ض

If we do not pronounce above alphabets correctly and if the voice changes the meaning of the word will also change. Therefore we need to be extra careful for such words. Following are few examples to illustrate and showcase the change of meaning while using of above alphabets:


Shameless ذال:

Kick زال:

Shadow ظال:

Friend خليل:

Less قليل:

Alone كليل:

If we read Quran wrongly or improperly, the meaning will change, as shown above. This will lead to Gunah instead of Sawab. This we can not learn without the guidance of a Teacher.

The course of Tajweed is of one months and on completion of this course one could recite Quran properly. The other benefit of doing this course is that our Namaz will also get corrected and we will be satisfied and relaxed that we are reading properly in the Namaz.