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  1. Shafeeq Ahmed says:

    Assalam alaikum I know Mufti sahab for about three years he is really a hitech guru he is always eager to adapt himself with the latest technology and Alhamdulillah he has started the online classes and luckily I am his first student to study online. May Allah be merciful on him give him good health and success.

  2. Kalyan says:


    I would like to know more details on the course to learn Arabic online (spoken). Can you send me across more information on the nature of the classes, timings and the fees applicable to the above mentioned mail ID.


  3. Mufti Syed Asifuddin Nadwi Qasmi M says:

    Is there a new batch for online

  4. Syed khaja Ershad hussain says:

    U would like to know about 3 months and Crash course for Arabic spoken, and any new batches are going to start in this month March2020.

  5. MuftiAsif says:

    Wa alaikums salam.
    Already we started new batch on past Monday at 6-30 pm if you want to join this batch you can meet tomorrow.
    Contact on 9849611686

  6. Mir yousuf ali says:

    As salaam alaikum,
    Would like to know , if you have online courses for Understanding Quran.
    do inform us , and are requirement for registration.

  7. MuftiAsif says:

    We replied you on your personal email please check it & update us.

  8. Ershad hussain says:

    Asalaamualaikum Sir,
    I’m interested to learn Spoken arabic course either Crash course or 3 months course.

    Please let me know any new batches going to starting or is the course is online right now.

    Also let me know the fees for both.

    Please be advised I’m novice/ beginner in Arabic language.

    Appreciate it if you can response at earliest.

  9. Mohammad Misbahuddin says:

    Assalam alaikum, I am on short leave for 30 days from Qatar, arabic is compulsory at my work place, I would like to join short course for spoken arabic, is there any batch starting

  10. Mufti Asif says:

    We have online courses please contact personally on 9849611676

  11. Mufti Asif says:

    You are welcome for Arabic language

  12. asif khan says:

    I have a question that
    What it means if a ‘damma’ on word laam in “rasoolullah”. And What it means if a ‘fatha’ on word laam in “rasoolallah”. What it means and which one is correct ?


  13. Mufti Asif says:

    Please contact personally on 9849611686

  14. Riyaz Mohammad says:

    I want to learn Arabic and Urdu one year course online. Need details

  15. mohammad zabeer says:

    assalamualaikum,can i know the details about gulf spoken arabic language with reading and writing course details.

  16. Mufti Asif says:

    Please contact on 91+9849611686

  17. Mufti Asif says:

    Please contact on 91+9849611686

  18. Mufti Asif says:

    Please contact on 91+9849611686

  19. Mufti Asif says:

    Please contact on 91+9849611686

  20. Mufti Asif says:

    Please contact on 91+9849611686

  21. I want to learn the Arabic language. I want to speak and write. I like to have offline course. PLease contact me.

  22. Mufti Asif says:

    Assalamu alaikum please contact me on 9849611686 via WhatsApp or call

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