Special Courses on Hajj & Umrah

This is a intensive course of 10 days Batch for people who are planning to go for Hajj / Umrah. This course is conducted between the month of Jamaadi Awwal and Shaban. The following topics are covered in this couorse:

1. General Information of Makkah and Madinah

2. How to be in Ihraam

3. How to Perform Hajj / Umrah

4. Khususi Duaen of Hajj / Umrah

5. Masael of Hajj / Umrah

This is a must to do course for people planning for Hajj / Umrah.

Note: With the experience of 5 years in Hajj & Umrah classes, we have prepared an intensive 4 hour Audio CD by Mufti Asifuddin. This is available at our institute. Please contact to get this valuable informative CD.

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