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Life is a long journey of Learning and sharing experiences. Age has no bar for learning.

There is never a wrong time to start a right thing. Come and join to learn:

  • Online Spoken Arabic Basic & Advanced
  • Online Tarjuma & Tafseer e QUR’AN
  • Online Tajweed.
  • 10 Days Hajj & Umrah cours)
  • Weekly Umrah class (every saturday )
  • One Year Online Arabic Language Certificate Course

Online INSTITUTE OF ARABIC STUDIES will start fresh batches for all course in the first week of every month.The classes will be conducted on Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

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  1. Anvesh says:

    I am willing to learn (Arabic) the basics in it ie., speaking and understanding please help me out with the fee mode and the timings.

  2. muftiasif says:

    you are welcome. we have batches from morning 7 am to 2 pm and after 6pm to 8.
    also online classes.we will not discuss fees on phone or email. it you want to join any course you are welcome .

  3. Basit khan says:

    As/al mufti sb i need best english speek u will teach me

  4. Srihanuman says:

    Hello ,

    Please send me all the details via mail…

    Srihanuman Vyuyuri.

  5. muftiasif says:

    wakm. contact personally on the mobile number 9849611686

  6. muftiasif says:

    Hi. please visit our informative website. which course do you want? do you want online course or regular?

  7. Syed abdul baseer says:

    Assalaamu alaikum

  8. Mufti Asif says:

    WA alaikums salam

  9. Shaik Mudassir says:


    I want to learn Arabic language, my aim is to understand the Qur’An, and learning Arabic is a milestone.
    I don’t just wanna be able to speak in Arabic or just get the job done. I wanna be an expert user of Arabic language.
    Please suggest me a course which suits me best, and also mention the fees.
    You can email me if you don’t wanna reveal your fees in the forum.

    Thank you.

  10. Mufti Asif says:

    Please contact personally on given number

  11. Ershad hussain says:

    Asalaamualaikum Mufti saab,

    I have contacted you last week as well as month, I’m keen on learning Arabic spoken language course, do let me know if there is any new batches going to start, as last month you informed to contact this month December. It would be really helpful. Thanks

  12. Mufti Asif says:

    Wa alaikums salam.just today 6th August 2021 Friday we are starting new batch of Arabic language course if you want to join please contact on 91-9849611686

  13. Mufti Asif says:

    Just for Reminder that we are going to start New batch of Arabic language to understand QUR’AN from today 6th August 2021 if you want to join please contact on 91-9849611686

  14. mohammed saif says:

    Asalamalikum sir can I take arabic learning course online for understanding quran plz let me know timing and fees

  15. Mufti Asif says:

    Please contact on 91+9849611686

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