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As salamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,
I am student of Mufti Sahab for Tilawat Tarjuma Tafseer course and Arabic Grammar course( both are online courses) since February 2021. I am thankful to Allah(SWT) for guiding me and alloting me a teacher like Mufti Sahab. I suggest each and every Muslim to learn Arabic to understand the word of Allah, and Mufti Sahab is a very good option to achieve your akhirah. All of us strive to achieve this duniya and spend years in acquiring worldly knowledge. Then why can’t we spend a few months to be successful in the afterlife. I request all the Muslim ummah to please contact Mufti Sahab so that he can guide each and every one of us to a better life in this world and akhira. Whatever be your education or background I m sure Mufti Sahab will help u in all the best possible way as he is a very down to earth person. Jazak Allah Khair Mufti Sahab for all ur support and may Allah(SWT) accept your efforts and provide u Jannat-ul-Firdaus. AMEEN
Syed Mumtaz Begum,

An Outstanding Teacher !

Mufti Syed Asifuddin Nadwi saheb is not only hafiz but he also holds MA degree in Arabic from EFLU.
in the year 2012 he gave us training for ten days in 10 days Hajj course for me, my wife and my elder brother I still remember talbia Labaik Alhumma Labaik and the book TARBIYAT AAZMEEN HAJJ & UMRAH written by him it is very simple and informative. By his training we could performed Hajj correctly Alhamdulillah.

in 2017 when i had heart problem I read his book of Seeratun Nabi named as AASAN SEERATUN NABI in systematic manner specially when Huzur got Nabuwat at the age of 40 years I couldn’t stop reading to know what happened in 41 42 43 year until 63th year on the demise of Mohammed SAS apart from all of these he runs Arabic institute Mehdipatnam & Madarsa at khadar bagh also conducts weekly classes at Siasat Urdu daily.
May Allah give him good health and success in Future.
Raheem uddin Farooqi retired postmaster Humayun Nagar Hyd Post office


Md Shafi Rajander Nagar


Its a great experience learning Arabic with Asif Sir. Dosen’t matter how poor our Arabic is, Asif sir makes us comfortable and makes words appear easy for us according to one’s grasping ability.By paying individual attention to each student He makes sure the language is made easy to learn.

————— .————-


Assalamualikum wa rahmatul lahi wa barakatuhu. First and foremost I would like to appreciate his teaching the way he clears my doubt and communicate with me in a friendly manner as well as tries to correct me whenever I get wrong. He made the Arabic subject easy by making me focussed , understanding my weak points based on this clarified my questions and motivated me by sharing his life experiences and provided advice in and outside the subject which helped me alot through out the study. I am very much thankful for his great efforts in helping me achieving my goals.

Joining Date : 18/11/19


Hindi Feedback


मै तमन्ना खातून| संस्था , मुफ्ती सैयद आसिफुद्दिं क़ासमी, की अरबी संस्था मेहदीपत्नम में उर्दू सीख रही हूं | मेरा कोर्स ३ माह का है ,इसमें मुझे उर्दू की बहुत अच्छी जानकारी मिल रही है इसमें आने से मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा और कुछ ही दिन पढ़ने के बाद अब उर्दू पढ़ रही हूं ,माशाअल्लाह मै इस संस्था से संतुष्ट हूं|


I am yaseen as i am learning arabic language since 8 moths for understanding the quran in its own language & there is no problem in teaching .I think every muslim should learn the arabic language to make his faith strong in god (الله)by reading quran to practice on islam.
As i know this is the only one institute in hyderabad in which they are teaching the complete grammar of arabic language etc..

Mohd Yaseen M tech Atta pur 03/02/2020


Knowledge of the Quran- the benificial for this life and the next.

Initially when i first joined, i came into the class bringing with me a bare minimum knowledge of Tajweed and understanding of Quranic scriptures. I have spent enough time with Mufti Asifuddin sahab to realise what I have been missing out on by simply reciting and not understanding the words of god. By the end of my course i was able to comprehend the Quranic texts and was able to benifit from it. I would definitely recommend this institure and its courses.

Dr mohammed khasim kaleem. Tolichowki Hyd 02/02/2020



This is to testify that the “Institute of Arabic Studies” located at Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad; offers excellent facilities for learning ‘Arabic’ language under the able leadership of Janab Mufti Asifuddin Nadwi Qasmi.

I wish him all the success in this noble work and for his future endeavours

Dr Syed Shafeequr Rahman

Suncity Hyd Understand Quran course




Mufti Asifuddin Nadwi Sahab doing a great job through institute of Arabic by motivating and supporting us help to solve hurdle of Arabic language in very few days make learning easy and enjoyable especially for beginners

Syedah Shazia Alimah

Murad Nagar Hyderabad

Grammar course 31/01/2020


Assalamualekum… I learned a lot from this arabic institute. The way of teaching is spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing your excellent knowledge with us Mufti Asi Nadwi sahab.. Many blessings.

Ishrath Reading Quran course

Ring Road Hyd 31/01/2020


Feedback !

I am Dr Rehan General Surgeon and Professor of Surgery in Medical College, Hyderabad. I have joined this Arabic Institute to learn the Quranic Arabic from Mufti Asif Syed sahab Damatbarkatahum.
I congratulate him for this initiative of teaching Quranic Arabic language to common man so that each of us can get directly connected to Quran, the words of Allah
I am thankful to Allah Subhana wa ta’ala for giving us opportunity through this Arabic Institute and learned Scholar and Teacher like Mufti Asif sahab to learn Quranic Arabic language at its best which can help us to understand Qur’an and other Islamic arabic literature. Mufti Asif sahab is very intelligent teacher who has made this course simple & lucid for all age groups to benefit from it. It is very inspiring to see that due to Mufti sahab efforts even women folks are seen in this Institute with lot of enthusiasm to learn Arabic language.
My good will, support and prayers are always with Mufti sahab and this great Institute that in future it shall become a renowned Markaz for Quran Studies at international level in sha Allah

JazakAllah khairan !

Prof Dr Rehan S. Momin
_General Surgeon_




Assalamu allaikum, Learning Quran is not a easy task I have contacted so many tutors before going to mufti. Syed Asifuddin sir, he is the best tutor for learning arabic, have excellent course structure which helps every students (kids and adults ) from beginning he will revise basic rules everyday. He gives suggestions and motivations for rectifying our mistakes

Thank you,

Farzana Begum Msc Online Arabic & Urdu course  (Kurnool 29-Jan-2020)


Assalamu allaikum, Learning Quran is not a easy task I have contacted so many tutors before going to mufti. Syed Asifuddin sir, he is the best tutor for learning arabic, have excellent course structure which helps every students (kids and adults ) from beginning he will revise basic rules everyday. He gives suggestions and motivations for rectifying our mistakes

Thank you,

Farzana (Kurnool 28-Jan-2020)


I was lucky that I had chossed Institute of Arabic Studies to learn Arabic. I am pretty much happy with the way our Sir Mufti Syed Asifuddin teaches the class by understanding the pulse of the student. They day I started I was not confident that I will able to learn Arabic. He started teaching with numbers and had shown his magic where I learnt 1 to 1 lac within 2 days. After completing 9 classes I was able to form sentences, no doubt that by the time I complete my all classes I will be in a position to communicate as like my mother tongue.
I have not seen such a dedicated and passionate person towards teaching. I seriously rate 5/5 and would recommend by friends to join here only.



Khadija Mubashir 

Mehboob garden colony,hyd 

             Hazrat Asif Uddin Nadvi ka shuru kiya gaya course  SEERAT-UN-NABI (sallahu alaihi wasallam) bahut behtareen hai aur hame mauqah mila hai issey ke din ka ek ganta apne Rasool-ALLAH (sallahu alaihi wasallam) ki zindagi ko samajhne ki aur apna Imaan ka adha hissa ho Rasool-ALLAH se judah hai “La ilaha illallahu muhammedur rasoolullah” ussey mukammal karen Insha-allah!

           Masha-allah! apke course me apne Quran ke hawaley ke saath seerat bayan ki aur hadith ke hawaley ke saath mouqa-e-seerat bayaan ki jissey seerat-un-nabi aur islam dono hi 10 din ke muqtasar se waqt me samjhna asaan kar diya.

Allah is me apko bahut barkat de aur apki mabsoot koshish qubool karen.



Maryam khalid

Murad nagar,hyd 

        Masha-Allah bahut ache hai classes. very important in today’s life. Alhamdulillah easy to understand —- Jazakallah-khair


Ishrath Unnisa Begum

           This subject of seerah is very important for awareness of the life of Huzoor e paak –Rasool-Allah. you are teaching is very well and smooth and also in easy language.we are very thankful to you.


I am Nahid Fatima,student of “Institute of Arabic Studies” wants to share feedback related to the course “Seerah(Biography) of Prophet Muhammed(pbuh)” . I have joined this 10-day course on 10th of march-14. I am very grateful to ALLAH(swt) that HE gave me the opportunity to know about HIS beloved Rasool. It is a very good opportunity that need to be utilised for those people who have a busy schedule. This course is also an inspiration to know more and more about seerah in detail. Every muslim should take an interest in seerah becoz it gives us the satisfaction in following Islam. Mufti Asif sir’s hard work is commendable.



Respected Mufti Asif Sir,     15-02-2014

Assalamualaikum wa rehmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu,..

  I am Najma Fatima D/o Mrs and Mr Mirza Mohammed Baig..  In the month of Nov2013 I got an interest to learn Tajweed then i started to searching the institutes near by my house, suddenly i found an Arabic institute which is located at Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad by  Then i joined this institute on 25th Nov2013, within a month Alhamdulillah by Mufti Asif Sir’s dynamic teaching methods i learnt complete Tajweed and i learnt so many grateful things related to ISLAM. He conducted Islamic speeches also, i participated in that too. By this now i am quite confident to speak infront of others.He appreciates and helps the students very well.After completion of this course I am very happy because while reading Quran i am enjoying it and In-Sha-Allah i will not repeat that mistakes which i had done previously.Now i am learning Arabic language too and i hope one day i will understand the Quran pretty well In Sha Allah…

I want give this credit to my respected ASIF Sir.. I am thankful to ALLAH who sent me to this institute..If ALLAH is happy by me, In Sha Allah he will reward to my Parents and Mufti Asif Sir…Allah bless them here and after..AAMEEN


I am Nahid fatima, d/o Mirza Muhammed Baig wants to give my feedback as I had joined the “Institute of Arabic Studies” on 25th nov-2013.I am grateful to ALLAH(swt) that HE gave me the opportunity to learn “Tajweed-ul-Quran” from Mufti Asif Sir. I have come to know about this institute through Mufti Asif Sir conducts weekly talk by the students,so that we can perceive confidence,can reduce stage fear and most importantly our Islamic knowledge is being improved and yet to improve. As there is hadith that seeking knowledge is must on each and every human. But, unfortunately in todays world,it is difficult to get correct guidance and appropriate knowledge,I pray that each n every teacher must understand their responsibilty towards spreading knowledge n so far I am lucky that i gained correct guidance through all my teachers till now and Mufti Asif Sir is one of them.
Finally I conclude that I got knowledge n appreciation by sir. Now I am able to read Quran with tajweed(correct pronounciation) to maximum extent. InshaALLAH, may ALLAH(swt) reward my parents,sir and me


Respected Sir,             Date: 3-02-2014

Asalam-o- alikum,

Please find the below feedback for my Arabic Learning Course.It was a great program which i liked a lot and learned a lot of different techniques of learning.I liked how teacher participated with every student.I had a good time and gained a new experience, got into learning Arabic language and also learned to share my thoughts also about Islam.I really felt welcomed and supported i really enjoyed my time at the institute and the atmosphere was very encouraging.

Once again thank you for sharing the knowledge you have with us and making us a be best of students.


Tayyaba Fatima.


I am Ashrafunnisa, the student of Institute of Arabic Studies(Hyd).I have completed my course in spoken arabic for Quranic Translation in 4 months.

  Alhamdulillah, sir taught me arabic vocobulary and grammer related to Quran translation. Sir hav given me many books to improve my knowledge. He conducted seminars to improve my personality. It give me courage. I have also given speech on “Disadvantages of Illiteracy accoding to Islamic Law” .Finally after the completion of my course Alhamdulillah now I am confident that I can speak and understand arabic.

 During my course my sir taught me well. He has always positive response towards me, which motivates me and encourage me a lot. He has a good personality, with good knowledge and very impressive teaching style. Sir explain me Hidayaths. I cardially thankful to my sir and every member of this institute.

Hajerah Farheen
 Hyderabad, India
I felt very glad to join your institution for improving my reading quraan with tajweed and i think that now i can do hafiz quraan by my self. Atlast i can say that i made right decision by joining your institution.Jazakallah Khair
Khaja Nawaz
 Hyderabad, India
I am Please to inform all that Asif sir Arabic learning training centre is best place to learn Arabic.
Najmul Hasan Hyderabad, India
Assalaam Alikum,Thanks to Allah SWT who provided an Arabic learning institute by Mufti Asif Nadwi, This is the best institute which is located in mehdipatnam.
Suman Naishadham
Student, Newyork, USA
After Spending nearly 2 months studying Arabic at Institute of Arabic Studies in Mahdipatnam, I can say that i am quite lucky to have stumbled onto this website. Mufti Asifuddin is not only a scholar, but moreover a patient and encouraging teacher who takes genuine interest in all of hi students.I have been wanting to learn Arabic for years now but due to being occupied by university, i had not seriously looked into it untill two months ago. I came to Hyderabad for my summer holidays and in these two months, i have learned how to read Arabic and am begining the study of Spoken language.I had initially inquired over the phone whether i could start learning Arabic at Mufti Asif’s institute for just two months and after a brief discussion with him about my objectives, Mufti Asif began teaching me the alphabet. I enrolled in a two month written and spoken Arabic course, which moves at a fast but appropriate pace.After a few weeks of daily lessons, I could see that regardless of why a student comes to his school to learn Arabic, Mufti approaches them with the same interest and enthusiasm. While a two month introductory course does not display one’s learndness, in his dedication to teaching and interest in his stiudent’s progress, it is visible that Mufti Asif is a scholar committed to learning.I think it is true that in the begining stages of learning anything, especially a language, a teacher can make the difference between real knowledge and fleeting memorization. Having studied various other languages for years, i know that not all language teachers and professors are of same quality. However, with the basic Arabic foundation I have learned from Mufti Asif, I feel confident in my ability to continue learning the language with success.Thank you Mufti Asif for a wonderfull learning experience that only begins here.Jazakallah,Suman.
Arvind Valmeekam
Engineer, Infrastructure Company, Hyderabad, India
I, V.Arvind am engineering graduate, working with an infrastructure company in Hyderabad. Considering various oppurtunities in the middle east, I thought of learning Arabic for taking the advantage of better performance at work there in the middle east. I found this Institute in mehdipatnham and found it very much relevantand suitable for learning Arabic. At present, I am undergoing the coaching in spoken arabic only for one month, Later i will learn written arabic also. The teacher Mr Asif Mufti is very good and his way of systematic teaching made us learning Arabic very interestingly. He started teachings with numbers and is being accelerated to small words and sentences which are mostly used in our daily life.I am happy with teaching and i wish all the aspirants of Arabic learning should get benifit of this Institute and get better growth in their respective fields.with Best wishes,Aravind.VHyderabad.7893928899
Aleemuddin Ahmed Khan Manager – Channel Sales (IT)eXensys, Hyderabad, India
Alhumdulillah I have known Mufti Asif Nadvi for a few years. MahsAllah He is also known amongst the circle of Ulema in Hyderabad. He is very learned in deen, his explanations are simple and easy to understand for people like me who have not had a formal “dheeni thaleem”. I am learning Spoken and written Arabic at his institute. This has also given me an opportunity to build and correct my Urdu reading and writing abilities.I started my Arabic classes a few months ago and now alhumdulillah we have finished the grammar part of Quranic Arabic. Inshallah I will be capable of speaking, reading and writing Arabic soon.. As Muslims it is incumbent upon us to know Arabic at least to the level of understanding the Quran. Of course one could spend a lifetime with out fully comprehending what Allah swt is saying in the quran. But we need to know at least enough to understand, quote, refer, follow and preach Quran.The more I read the Quran its translation and tafseer the more the thirst grows. May Allah make it easy for us to learn, practice and propogate Islam. The way of life recommended by our creator Allah.
Luke Pereira Chief ConsultantLadder Networks Hyderabad, India
I am working in a Placement Firm catering to clients in the Gulf region. In order to increase our business form Arabic speaking clients from the Gulf, I have enrolled in the Institute of Arabic Studies, Hyderabad. Within a few months of joining, I am able to learn the Arabic script, and I made a lot of progress in reading and writing the language.Some of the advantages of this Institute are:

  • Dedicated Teacher / Faculty
  • Individual attention
  • Small batch size
  • Convenient timings
  • Located at prime part of the city.

It’s my privilege that I taught by an Arabic and Islamic scholar like Mufti Asifuddin Nadvi Saab. He is a very methodical, systematic and patient teacher, even while teaching Arabic right from the basic script / alphabet.

I am confident that by learning Arabic under his guidance, I will be able become proficient in the language, and meet the purpose of increasing our business from the Gulf region.

Shaik M Basha CRM ConsultantHyderabad, India
Very first of all I am thankful to almighty & then congratulate myself that my search ends here for the type of the institute which facilitates to learn Arabic language Read/Write/Speak (R/W/S) through English grammar.Actually this seed of learning Arabic speaking was there been in my mind since childhood. But it was hugely required when I was allocated for a Middle East client as a functional consultant. This lack of Arabic speaking skills lagged me NOT to accept the opportunities which can be value addition for my career. Particularly when you are dealing with any of Middle East client / end users this makes a remarkable point that how proficiently you are communicating with them. At this juncture, I found this pearl which is Institute of Arabic Studies – (IAS).Silent features of this institute as per my perception:

  • Teaching Arabic reading, writing & speaking (R/W/S) using base as English grammar which is well known to all nowadays.
  • Here if somebody doesn’t know English grammar, then also can learn Arabic through the help of local language i.e., Urdu.
  • After completion of the class homework based on the practical conversational scenarios.
  • If somebody requires Qur’anic examples for Arabic grammar that also can be provided through homework pattern.

Above all a unique kind of institute which, I never been attended.

I suggest this institute to all individuals or organizations whoever in dealing with Arabic speaking people or organizations that this Institute can make a difference in your life individually or at organization level.

Jasmine StudentHyderabad, India
I am Jasmine, one of the proud students of Institute of Arabic studies at Mehdipatnam. I would like to take this opportunity to share few words about my valued institute. Here I have experienced a whole new world of education, discipline, and obedience. I was an illiterate with concern to Arabic & Urdu having no knowledge of these languages. Its few months since I attended the classes Now I have good command over these languages. I have seen growth in my confidence. Here is an excellent platform for language studies for every one like me who wish to learn & gain command over these languages.
Feroze Software EngineerAvaya Inc, Hyderabad, India
I always wanted to learn Arabic to understand Quran better, this dream of mine only came true after I joined Institute of Arabic Studies. Its just been a month since I joined IAS and I have already started identifying and understanding Arabic words/sentences slowly. Mufti Asif sahib’s approach of teaching is very comprehensive and unique.JazaakAllah for offering such a comprehensive course. Courses like this are the need of the hour, after attending classes at Institute of Arabic Studies & my understanding of Quran has improved tremendously, Alhamdulillah.
Fazal Faruqui IT ProfessionalHyderabad, India
I got relocated to Hyderabad in December 2007 from Delhi. After being introduced to Janab Mufti Asifuddin Sb. (Institute of Arabic Studies) through one of my colleague Mr. Aleemuddin Khan, to whom also I will always remain thankful, I am really thankful to Almighty Allah from the depth of my heart that I took a prudent decision to move over to Hyderabad.To achieve or get anything we need to do two things, i.e. Effort and Sacrifice. Sacrifice could be anything like, Time, Money, Comfort, Sleep and various other forms of sacrifice depending on individuals. We also need to be committed to ourselves and initiate to align all our actions towards achieving our objectives of life. After meeting the brilliant knowledgeable personality Janab Mufti Asifuddin, I realized that my sole objective of life was almost lost in battle of survival in this world. Alhamdolillah now I am back on track and believe me that I find myself more satisfied in all that I do.This is the time we should start realizing and analyzing all of our actions and activities that we do daily. We can categorize all of them into following types:

  1. Value Added and Necessary
  2. Value Added and Not Necessary
  3. Non Value Added and Necessary
  4. Non Value Added and Not Necessary

Value added here means an activity which can add value in achieving our objective of life and in making our “Akhirat”. Surprisingly if we closely look at it, almost 95% of our activities are Non Value Added. We need to come out of our Comfort Zone to make our life-after-death comfortable. Here are a few suggestions for all of us:

(a) We should immediately stop activities that fall under category 4.

(b) Minimize on the category 3

(c) Increase on the category 1 & 2 but prioritize category 1.

I feel a sense of achievement while learning Quranic Arabic at the institute and it’s commendable, the way Mufti Sb. taught us. I could still remember what he told us the very first day that “My Aim is to Give Eyes to people so that they can themselves see it, instead showing path to them”. I personally feel he is exactly doing what has been narrated. The devotion and dedication that he showcases is really appreciable. May Allah bestow him with his choicest blessings.


Ayesha Employee (Corporate Bank)Hyderabad, India
I am working for a corporate bank. I was in a quest for Urdu and Arabic teaching Institute. By the grace of Almighty Allah I started learning from the genius and versatile personality Janab Mufti Asifuddin Nadwi. I experienced the best approach to teaching languages. I found it very friendly and advanced way of learning I ever experienced in my life. I am glad if my words sound motivating and inspiring for the readers. Lastly I believe; it’s never too late to learn. I am obliged and grateful to my tutor. 
Mohammad Sarfraz StudentHyderabad, India
It’s been two years I am with Institute of Arabic Studies. Before joining this institution I had been with couple of Arabic tutors as well as institution, one of them is CIEFL. However their teaching methodology was not satisfactory. After joining this institution here I found impressive teaching techniques. Mufti Asifuddin has a technique of explaining the language in such a way even a Layman would understand it. Best part of his teaching technique is that he gives personal interest to every student. Before joining this institute I had only brief knowledge of Arabic language and its grammar. Here I got an immense, in-dept knowledge of the language like:1. How to find out the root word?2. How to refer Arabic dictionary?Now, I understood its rules very well. I am in a position that I can write, read and speak this language and I am very happy. Besides, I had been with many Islamic scholars, but I didn’t find them like Mufti Asifuddin. If we have any issue related to Islamic law or jurisprudence (Masle-Masail) he clarifies them. Provide you clear explanation, so that we will not have any doubt in future. Whereas most of the Islamic scholars just leave a new puzzle for us. I am proud that I have been with such scholar and a teacher.
Mohammad Minhajuddin Manager – Business & OperationsLivemedia, Hyderabad, India
Firstly, I would like to thanks Allah Subhana Wa Tala for providing me an opportunity to be in Hyderabad. I came to Hyderabad in the month of August 2008.Due to my past experience I have very strong feeling that Arabic language is tough to understand and it cannot be learn in a short span of time. But I went wrong after meeting brother Mufti Syed Asifuddin. He assured me on very first day that Arabic is the language which is easy to understand.I joined Quranic grammar of Arabic and Azkar-E-Namaz course. Believe me my dear brothers and sisters within two months I started to understand Quran better and also completed the Azkar-e-Namaaz. Also during this period my Urdu writing and speaking also become very strong before that I find tough to read & write Urdu.We offer Namaaz and recite Quran throughout our life but without understanding a word of it or we have translated Quran. Just imagine how great it will be if we started to understand Quran in its original language. It will not take much of your time.
Susairaj Joan D Planning Engineer, Business Jets
I work in the aviation industry and my job involves a lot of travelling and so I chose to learn Arabic as it would help me if employed in Middle East. I had enquired and my friends at office suggested that I enrol with ‘the Institute of Arabic studies’ at Mehdipatnam. Before I could join the Institute of Arabic studies at Mehdipatnam, I had no exposure to Arabic nor Urdu. By the first 2 months I am able to read and write in Arabic with ease and also understand to an extent. My Tutor Mr. Asif Sir is an excellent person and is a master in Arabic. He knows well how to explain to a person who is new to the language and has no previous exposure to Arabic, Urdu.The key points and advantages of learning under Mr. Asif Sir are:He is well versed in English and Arabic, thus becomes easy for grasping the language and explanationHe gives personal attention and makes sure you have learnt and understood before proceeding to the next lessonHe is really patient and takes time to make sure you get it rightFlexible timings so that you can carry on with regular day to day work.He loves the language and is dedicated in teaching.I am positive that within the next month I would be able to converse in Arabic. Thanks to Asif Sir for his dedicated guidance.

 Aftab Hussain

20 Apr .2010

I have studied at the institute and must admit that the experience has been enriching. The course is well structured and the teacher Mufti Asif Nadwi is very well qualified. He teaches in a manner which is easily understood and makes learning a new language rather so easy.

Abdul Rawoof                                                    S/W professional

 Asmk, I was in search of an institute where I can learn Urdu reading and writing.

Since I am a software professional, I could spend an hour a day duringw eek days.

Ultimately I thought there is no such institute which caters to then needs of s/w professionals for

training them in Urdu/Arabic languages.

On a fine day (thanks to Allah subahanahu wa taala) I came to know

about this institute and joined immediately.

Within a months time, I completed urdu language course.

Before joining here I knew very little urdu like reading urdu

characters and small urdu words.

Now, believe me brothers and sisters, I could read as well as write in urdu.

Immediately after completing urdu language course, I joined Tajweed

course for correcting and improving

my Quran reading.  I am also planning to learn spoken Arabic (insha

Allah), thereby I can understand quran in its

original form and I can speak in arabic.

I felt great about learning from Mufti Asifudding Sahib.  You will

feel very comfortable attending classes

in a friendly environment.

I believe this is the best institute available for every one, also it

is best suitable for the professionals

who can not attend the classes during the day time.

If one has the zeal to learn,

nothing can stop him and spending 1 hour out of his/her busy day will

be very easy for him/her.

Had I knew about this institute 1 year before, I would have joined

then itself.

Better Late Than Never, insha Allah, now I got the chance, I will do

it by the grace of Allah.

Daughter of  M.Abdul

I am pursuing Urdu and Tajweed Quran in this institute and is completely thankful for it .
I would like to acknowledge the efforts taken by Asif sir in helping me better understand the subjects.
I would like to thank this institute for shaping my future .
Daughter of M.Abdul


My experiences of learning Arabic language

Ahlan wa Sahlan

I wanted to learn Arabic language because I want to work in oil-rich gulf countries for my better career prospects. So I have joined in spoken Arabic course conducted by Ustaaz Asifuddin in his Institute of Arabic studies.

I felt initially that the Arabic language is tough to master for a non-muslim, because most of the sounds and pronunciations are never heard before. It will test your intelligence for sure. The only way to overcome this problem by following brick by brick approach. My teacher gave me immense confidence and belief that any one can master the arabic language through his structured learning program.

I came to know that the delight and warmth one will receive from the native arabs when they realize he studied their language will be immensely rewarding for him. There simply is no substitute for the level of understanding achieved when you are able to communicate with another community in their language.

By the end of the course, when you are able to introduce yourself in Arabic and able to hold basic conversation, you will be immensely delighted to learn  this young and reformed language.

Best wishes.

Dilip Kumar Muvva



I had joined Institute of Arabic & Urdu Studies in Mehdipatnam for learning Arabic language.

I have learnt –

a)     Arabic writing

b)    Arabic Reading &

c)     Spoken Arabic

I found Prof. Mufti Syed Asifuddin, Nadwi. Qasmi, who is a Post-graduate in Master of Arts in Arabic Language and his way of teaching Arabic language is so easy and exemplary that facilitates the student / aspirants to learn fast.  He has got over 10 years of marvellous experience in teaching Arabic language, Quranic Grammar, Tajweed and Urdu.

I strongly recommend this institute is the best place for learning Arabic in easy and fast mode.



I am Mohammed Nadeem Uddin Ahmed.    I had completed MBA this year.I learnt Quranic grammar by book of Dr v. Abdur Raheem in institute of arabic studis mehdipatnam hyderabad and 2 Ruku of Quran through urdu translation in supervision of Moulana Mufti Syed Asifuddin Nadwi Qasmi M.A arabic.I want to learn Arabic language because this language was spoken by our Prophet Mohammed [peace be upon him]

Jazak allah…..


Mahtab Soin

Dear Sir,
Your online Arabic class was a great experience. The audio and video were quite clear. It was just like being in an actual class room with you. The concept of screen sharing was a great idea. The notes and study material you’ve prepared are clear and concise. I recommend your online course to anyone who wants to learn Arabic in a systematic and effortless manner.


Assalaam Aliakum Mufti sahab.

Sorry for late reply here is the feedback.

” I have been taking urdu classes with mufti Asifuddin sahab .MashaAllah he is very good and thorough I will surely recommend him to everyone.”
InshaAllah I will get in touch with you once I settle here.

Jazak Allah Khair

Mohammed Zaheer.

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  1. Syed Mumtaz Begum says:

    As salamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,
    I am student of Mufti Sahab for Tilawat Tarjuma Tafseer course and Arabic Grammar course( both are online courses) since February 2021. I m thankful to Allah(SWT) for guiding me and alloting me a teacher like Mufti Sahab. I suggest each and every Muslim to learn Arabic to understand the word of Allah, and Mufti Sahab is a very good option to achieve your akhirah. All of us strive to achieve this duniya and spend years in acquiring worldly knowledge. Then why can’t we spend a few months to be successful in the afterlife. I request all the Muslim ummah to please contact Mufti Sahab so that he can guide each and every one of us to a better life in this world and akhira. Whatever be your education or background I m sure Mufti Sahab will help u in all the best possible way as he is a very down to earth person. Jazak Allah Khair Mufti Sahab for all ur support and may Allah(SWT) accept your efforts and provide u Jannat-ul-Firdaus. AMEEN
    Syed Mumtaz Begum,

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