List of Students.

Professor  Dr shafeeq ur Rahman                  Understand Quran

Dr Uzair ahmed siddique                                  Understand Quran

Dr Qasim kaleem                                              Understand Quran

Dr imran ahmed siddique                               Urdu

Dr Rehan                                                            Understand Quran

Dr kausar Begum                                             Understand Quran

Mr B K Rao                                                       Arabic language

Rajshekahar                                                     Urdu language

Suman Nashaidam                                         Urdu language

Rajat ilahbadi

Urdu language

Dr Yaseen Ahme d siddique                  Advance Spoken Arabic

Shaik Muqeemuddin                                  Translation of Quran

Md Ismail                                                     Hifz,Deeniyaht

Shaik javeed                                        Spoken Arabic and Understand Quran

P. Molli kumar Reddy                       urdu Reading and writing

Moulana Syed Tajuddin Hussami        Spoken Arabic

Abdul Gaffar                                        part time aalim course

1- Dr shafeeq Ahmed.                         Online Understanding Course

2- Md Zaheer                                      Online Urdu Course

3- Haji Ahmed Bin Sayeed              Understanding Quran Course

4- Syed Noor                                      Spoken Arabic

5- Md Aadil                                        Understand Quran

6- Md Junaid                                    Spoken Arabic

7- Hasim Shareef                            Understand Quran

8- Md Suhrab                                  Understand Quran

9- Md Imtiyazuddin                       Understand Quran

10- Dilip Kumar muva                  Spoken Arabic course

11- Vijay Raj                                    Spoken Arabic course

12- K Ramesh                                 Spoken Arabic course+ Reading+writing

13- Abdur Rehman siddique      Spoken Arabic course

14- Md Imtiyaz                             ——————–

15- Md Viqar                                Urdu Course

16- Md Nisar                               —————

17- Md Slaman                           —————-

18- Md Imran                               ————-

19- Rahul                                      ————-

20- Ahmed Qasim sudani          ——-

21- Md Abdul Baaqir                 Spoken Arabic

22- Mahtab soin                         Spoken Arabic

23- Hyder Hussian Sharief     Spoken Arabic

24- Abdul Raheem                    Tajweed

25- Abdul Qavi                          Spoken Arabic+Tajweed

26- Syed Shabbir Ahmed        Spoken Arabic+Tajweed+Understand Quran

27- Srinivas Rao                        Spoken Arabic

28- Abdur Rehman                   Arabic Grammar

29- Md Maqsoud                      Part time Aalim course

30- S. Fayaaz                            Spoken Arabic+Tajweed+Understand Quran

31- Abdur Rasheed                  Urdu Speaking

32- Dr. Abdullah Shareef       Quranic Grammer

33- Ahamed Shareef       Quranic Grammer



1- Ashraf un nisa

2-Sabirah Sultana

3-Sayeedah Khatoon

4-Khatida Sultana

5-Ishrath Fathima

6-Fareedah Tasneem

7-Najmah Fatimah

8- Nahid Fatimah

9-Nayeem Fatimah

10-Shaikh Bharti

11- Sayeda Salma Tabassum

12- tayyaba Fatimah

13- Tina Darvin

14- Lubna Nawab                             Tajweed and Understand Quran

15- Bushra                                         Tajweed


  1. Reshma M says:

    I would like to join Arabic (read+write+speak) classes. Kindly advice me the class timing, fee structure and other informations.

  2. MuftiAsif says:

    you are welcome for R+W+S Arabic course .
    we have batches between 7 am to 2 pm . mon – friday.
    for details please our office between mentioned time.

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