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Hajj Umrah Training 2024

Understanding Quran

To understand Quran it is not sufficient to read the translation in other languages. Just because the Quranic Arabic has its own depth and impact on the meaning and the way things are said. A translation is a translation. No other languages have words that are equivalent to the power of meaning that Quranic Arabic words possess.

Three Month Course:

In this course we can very well understand the Arabic of Quran in a better way. We are running this course for Quran Fahmi since 2006. In this course we teach Quranic Grammar. Also important & valuable points of Quran related to following topics are taught:

  • Huge Collection of Quranic Words
  • Terminologies in Quran
  • Contents and Topics in Quran
  • Better Way of Expressing in Quran
  • Why Quran was revealed (Shaan-e-Nuzool)
  • Tafseer

We also teach word-by-word meaning along with illustrations for meaning is taught.

Weekly Course:

This course is basically for people who can not spare time in weekdays. In this course the classes are conducted weekly on Sunday from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM. This is a 2 year course and the first batch of this course was started two years back in collaboration to the famous urdu newspaper of Hyderabad – Siyasat. Alhamdolillah this batch has completed the course on 21st June 2009.

Hajj & Umrah book is now Available in English

Download here
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Spoken Arabic


Globalization and Industrialization of Multi-National companies have made the importance of all languages to be more valuable than ever before. In the same way, Arabic is also considered as an international language these days. It is first and official language for 60 countires.

For the professionals such as Doctors, Engineers going to Saudi region it is very important and necessary to learn Arabic. Infact, in India itself there are various opportunities for Arabic Language. Above all, in inter and degree colleges, Arabic is also available as a second optional language.

Our basic aim and objective is to give appropriate and best education for spoken Arabic and we also have experience of 15 years in this field.

Spoken Arabic Courses:


1. Crash Course:

 This is a short course of 45 days. The classes are conducted daily for 1 hour (Monday to Friday), in which general Arabic speaking is taught. On completion of this course we can express / introduce ourselves in brief. There is no pre-requisite of qualification required for this course.


2. Three Month Course:

In this course daily 1 hour (Monday to Friday) class is conducted. In this course we teach and focus on teaching important & valuable parts of Arabic grammar apart from daily Arabic speaking skills. We can make this as a baseline for further understand the Arabic language. On completion of this course we can easily make sentences in Arabic by our own.

3. One Year Course:

This is a comprehensive course in which we learn and develop skills for reading, writing, speaking and understand Arabic. On completion of this course one can make his / her career as Arabic Translator, Arabic Lecturer, and Arabic Tutor. The other important benefit of this course is that we start understanding Quran and Hadees.


INSTITUTE OF ARABIC STUDIES will start fresh batches for all course in the first week of every month. Please find the course details below.

There are separate batches for ladies.

The classes will be conducted on Weekdays (Monday to Saturday) with Flexible timings.


Batch Timings:  Flexible

Note: Separate batch for ladies.


Batch Timings:  Flexible

Note: Separate batch for ladies.


Batch Timings:  Flexible

For more details contact:

Mufti Syed Asifuddin Nadwi

+91 9849611686


Learn complete namaz with translation

Quran meaning Videos of Mufti Sb.

Visit following link to watch valuable videos of Mufti Asifuddin published on renowned newsdaily website “Siasat”. This is related to learning meaning of Quran and duas. This is really a wonderful and unique effort.

30 Selective SMS for Ramzan

  1. Iftar ki dua – Bismillahi allahumma laka sumtu wabika aamantu walaika tawakkaltu wa ala rizqika aftartu
  2. Ramzana’s Special Dua – Allahumma inni asalukal jannata wa aouzubika minan-nar
  3. Iftar ke time ki dua quabool hoti hai
  4. First 10 days of ramzan are Rahmat
    Second 10 days of ramzan are Magfirat
    Third 10 days of ramzan are Najaat (Ibne khuzaima 3:191)
  5. Learn Arabic for understanding quran and sunna
  6. Four amal of Ramzan
    Dua for jannat
    safety form Jahannam
    Say Lailaha illalah
    say Astaghfirullah rabbi min kulle zambin wa atubu illahe
  7. Permissible thigns during fasting:
    Cutting of hairs and nail
    Applying Surma itra miswak and hair oil
    taking injection, bath and eye drops
  8. Ramzan main naki ka sawab 70 times extra hota hai
  9. In Ramzan specially avoid films ,songs, FM radio, Browing Internet, Chatting, cheating, playing caroms, qwallis and not with music, mushaira, matches, ghiwat karna, ladai, gussa hona,  control your eyes and mouth and save your roza
  10. Taravih is sunnat-e-muakkidah (ibn-e-abi shiba 2:393)
  11. Read the Quran with Tajbih (Surah muzammil – 4)
  12. Don’t miss 4 rikat of tahajjud at sehari
  13. Sadqa fitra is wajib means every individual has to give 2 kg 25 gms of wheat OR it’s equivalent price as fitra give more to get more swab (Bukhari 204)
  14. Eating eggs and Fish in sehari is permitted (Surah Araf – 87)
  15. A very bad muslim is the one who has not change himself in Ramzan (ibn-e-hibban :188)
  16. Zaqat is Farz i.e. 2.5% of the wealth saved during the year
  17. Itikaf of last 10 days of ramzan is sunnate muakkidah (Bukhari 1:271)
  18. Shab-e-Qadar is better than 1000 months (Al Qadar :3)
  19. Special Dua for Shab-e- Qadar
    Allahhumma innaka affun kareemun tuhibbul afwa fa fu anni (Ibni majah 3395)
  20. Four farz of Quran on every muslim: Reading, understanding, teaching and implementing
  21. Don’t show your roza by spitting frequently
  22. Offer your namaz with jamat, Tilawat, understanding quran, zikra & istighfar, tahajjud and sunnat, sadqa and ihtihat and dua’s even after ramzan
  23. Taraveeh is sunnate muakkedah before Chand Raat of idul fitra, Listening quran in traveeh is also sunnah
  24. Message of Ramzan and Roza is ikhlas in our life. Ikhlas is very important in every thing and every amal (Bukhari 1: H. no.1)
  25. Who log jo roza rakhne ke bilkul hin Qudrat na rakhte hon aur future main aquaza ki bhi ummid nahi hai to fidiya dena hoga i.e. 2 kg 25 gms of whaet OR equivalent price/roza (Al Baqrah Aayat 184)
  26. Kaffarah of roza is ghlam ko azad karma aur fast two months continuously OR 60 miskin ko khana khilana (Miskat H No 2004)
  27. In qajibul witra read this dua: Dua-e-Kunut
    Allah humma inna nastayeenuka wanastaghfiruka wanuminu bika wana tawakkilu allaika wanusni alaikal khair. Wanashkoraka wala naghfiru ka wa nakhlao wanatruku maiyafjuru ka allah humma iyya kana budu wala ka nussalli wa nasjudu wa alaika nasaa wanahfidu wanarju rahmataka wa nkhsha azabika inna zabika bikuffari mulhiq
  28. Chand raat is not for shopping but it is reward night from allah
  29. Read this takbir in low voice on the way to Eid gah/Masjid and while  returning:
    Allahu akbar Allahu akbar la ila ha illallah hu wallahu akbar allahu akbar wallillahil hamd (Surah Albakra :185)
  30. Eid Mubarak


In this course we teach people to do translations and who want make a career into translation professionals. Following translations are taught:

1. Arabic to English

2. English to Arabic

3. Arabic to Urdu

4. Urdu to Arabic

Special Courses on Hajj & Umrah

This is a intensive course of 10 days Batch for people who are planning to go for Hajj / Umrah. This course is conducted between the month of Jamaadi Awwal and Shaban. The following topics are covered in this couorse:

1. General Information of Makkah and Madinah

2. How to be in Ihraam

3. How to Perform Hajj / Umrah

4. Khususi Duaen of Hajj / Umrah

5. Masael of Hajj / Umrah

This is a must to do course for people planning for Hajj / Umrah.

Note: With the experience of 5 years in Hajj & Umrah classes, we have prepared an intensive 4 hour Audio CD by Mufti Asifuddin. This is available at our institute. Please contact to get this valuable informative CD.